The Science of Doga

Its all about the weave

The Towel, Reinvented

It's All About the Weave

Doga Towels are made with a custom weave designed by the engineers at Hunter Creative Labs. They discovered common towels lock in moisture as they absorb, which causes lingering dampness, a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mildew. Thick cotton towels have tight weaves, deep terry pile, and take forever to dry.  This leads to bacterial and mildew growth, resulting in that funky towel smell.  

Wanting to tackle the towel problem, the engineers at Hunter spent months researching different textile designs throughout history, and studying weaves under microscopes, analyzing their patterns for strength and breathability. They were able to determine how to structure the weave to be more open than common terry towels, while keeping the traditional size and compact nature of Turkish towels.  

While being the most absorbent, durable, and compact towel are super important, the Hunter designers also wanted this superior towel to be silky soft.  So, they called upon the expertise of textile engineers to govern what the towel should be made of.

The outcome: organic cotton and bamboo. Turkish Aegean cotton provides the perfect balance between absorbency and softness, leading to fast, comfortable drying.  Bamboo is also naturally absorbent and wicks away moisture, making it a perfect fiber for a towel.  To boot, it's naturally antimicrobial so it will not allow bacteria to grow, and it's fibers are longer than many other textiles, which leads to increased durability.  

The combination of these beautiful fibers, hand-woven in Doga's special weave, make it undeniably irresistible.  Our Doga will dry you quickly, be gentle on your skin, and stay fresh and clean longer than ordinary towels. It's no mystery, it's just science.