Yeah. It's that good.
M. Collins

While I never expected to spend so much on a's really worth it. It has satisfying heft and drape, feels goooorgeous to the touch, drinks water up fast and does dry quickly. Packs very well and so far no stains, even though it has been exposed to a 4-year-old's eating habits, been used as a picnic blanket on grass, etc. It does have a spa quality that is just luxurious.

Customer service note--I had a bit of trouble with my order initially (it got lost in the internet-o-sphere), but the company was awesome about making things right and you can't ask for more than that.

Highly recommended! Adding the robe to my wishlist.

Love My Doga Towel!
Jennifer Wieckowsk

I bought two Doga towels for my husband and I and my kids fight over them coming out of the shower. They are thin, light weight, easy to fold and store, and soak up the water really well. I always pack my Doga when I go to the gym- folds well in my gym bag. I definitely recommend. It has a trendy name, is a soft towel and makes a great gift for you or a friend.

I really didn't think I'd ever have anything to say about a towel here but I love this towel!
Brandon T. Johnson

I really didn't think I'd ever have anything to say about a towel here but I love this towel! I have an old worn out towel that I've used for years that I've always loved. It's soft, it does the job and it's comfortable and I haven't been able to find anything like it. Every new towel I buy I end up being disappointed by and I throw half of them away with in a month. Then I got a Doga from a friend and loved it. It's everything my old towel was but it never has that weird towel smell and it's not 10 years old and falling apart. Great job on making a towel I can fall in love with. I really didn't see that coming!

Love this towel

Love this towel! I use it at home, traveling, and at the beach and pool. It is so light weight and at the same time very absorbing. The soft texture and weave makes it super cozy and comfortable. I love how it takes up so little space in my suitcase. I think this would be a great gift for everyone- especially those "hard to buy for" folks

Incredible, light-weight, luxurious towel
Sara Curry

I love this towel. It is light, soft and luxurious. It dries extremely quickly, so you never get that musty towel smell after a few uses or in the humid summer months.

It might take you a use or two to get used to it because the texture is different than a standard Egyptian cotton towel, but now I won't use anything else!

Decadence in a Towel!!!!

This beautiful towel really lived up to the hype I read in a sailing blog! Super soft, super absorbent and dries so quickly. Took it on a sailing charter in the BVI and it really performed. Used it after fresh water showers, but was also great as an extra wrap/coverlet in the mornings when it was a little chilly. Will never go back to regular towels for travel AND home! Would LOVE to see some darker colors added!!!